CloudLAN for Windows

Installing CloudLAN App on Windows#

  • To get the desktop app, go to and click Download for Windows
  • Run the downloaded .exe file
  • It will installed the application & open it
  • Login using your email
  • If you don't have a Simply5 account, it will take you through signup process

You'll need the latest version of Windows to run CloudLAN on desktop. The latest version is Windows 10 build 18362.145.

Updating Your CloudLAN App#

CloudLAN updates automatically! We push updates on a regular basis with bug fixes and performance improvements. The download happens in the background & you will be prompted to restart the app to complete the installation process.


Is there a 32 bit version? Answer: It is in the roadmap, plz upvote by leaving a comment on comment section.

How to close the app? Answer: Since CloudLAN is a connectivity app closing or minimizing the app, will minimize it to the Notification area. You can right-click on the icon & close the app properly

Can I login to multiple accounts? Answer: No, Currently we only support running only 1 instance of app


💁‍♀️ Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us, We are here to help you. at [email protected] or "chat with support" from our website or inside the app