Adopt CentOS Host

How to Adopt CentOS host?#

Before adopting a host make sure your resourses meets below prerequisites.


  • You are the admin of the room
  • You are connected to the Room
  • Have access to the host you are trying to adopt
  • A Room has free license to adopt a host
  • CentOS 7


The below Quick GIF demonstrates how to adopt CentOS host and Service casting from hosts without exposing its actual IP address using CloudLAN.


  • Click on Add New Server
  • Give it a name & click Get code
  • Select CentOS from OS dropdown & the relevant installation command is copied to your clip board
sudo yum -y install wget; wgpet [;](;) chmod +x ./clan-server; sudo ./clan-server
  • Paste the command into server terminal and execute it to install clan-server client
  • Copy One time code from the CloudLAN App
  • Paste One time code on your server terminal when server prompts for this one time code. (One time Code will be valid for only 10 minutes, you can regenerate if it expires )
  • Client will install necessary driver & connect to CloudLAN room
  • Server will be seen online from CloudLAN app and now you can cast services running on Server using add service button

Quick troubleshoot : If there are any error at the time of adoption please follow uninstall steps below & try readopting once again

Optional commands#

Check status of running app

sudo systemctl status clan

Stop Clan-server client & temporarily disconnect from the room

sudo systemctl stop clan; sudo kill openvpn

Start clan-server client & reconnect to the room

sudo systemctl start clan

Check IP adaptor status


How to Remove clan-server client in CentOS?#

  • First step is to disconnect from server side by running below command in the ser terminal.
sudo yum -y install wget; wget; chmod +x ./; sudo ./
  • Once your server is offline you can remove the server from your CloudLAN room using remove button.



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