CloudLAN Hosts-introduction

Adding hosts to your CloudLAN Room#

Servers feature is built for cases where you have an always-on machine/device/VM to which you would like to have a secure & private connectivity to it. The adoption process is as simple as running a single command on the server terminal.

When to use Hosts Feature?#

  • You want to access a machine behind router/firewalls without any port forwarding config
  • Hide your device public IP address but still provide access to application running on them
  • Great to setup access to Raspberry Pi boards
Quick Notes
  • Room should be active with a server license.
  • Only Room admin can add Servers or Hosts to the room.
  • Admin will be able to manage link casting on the server from user client app once connected to the room
  • We currently support Ubuntu & CentOS flavors

Are you ready to adopt a Hosts?#

Your Free forever room comes with 1 server license, learn how to adopt the servers/hosts#

Click on Next to learn more on How to Adopt a Server or Host.


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