Whats New?

v1.2 - June 12, 2021#

1. Host adoption from desktop clients#

Now you can use CloudLAN desktop clients to connect non-personal devices using an integrated Host-agent app. Super simple onboarding for Windows & Mac machines so all the members can securely access the device remotely over CloudLAN Device IP

2. Briefcase for all your links#


Bookmark your servers and important links, making them centrally accessible by all members of CloudLAN room. No more digging through chats & email for the latest link of application in deployments.

3. New Raspberry Pi Host agent#

Connect Raspberry Pi board to your CloudLAN room in 2 commands, Access your project from anywhere

GIF demonstrates adopting a Raspberry Pi host to CloudLAN room

Now Save more with Yearly plans#

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3. Other Enhancements#

1. OpenVPN client Support#

Generic Client support lets you use any OpenVPN protocol supporting client for connecting Users & Hosts to your CloudLAN room.

2. Static PublicURL#

CloudLAN's PublicURL will remain the same through start/stop casting till the service is removed. This is helpful when using PublicURL in dev environment or as webhook endpoint.

3. UX improvement#

Following the feedback users, we have made some visual improvement & added help texts to onboard new users much faster without digging into documentation.

4. Documentation#

We have rewritten the documentation to make it friendly for non-technical users. Drop-in your suggestions @ cloudlan@simply5.io

v1.1 - Mar 12, 2021#

Since our first launch, many subscribers were requresting for a Dedicated IP for their Rooms. We are sure that this feature will make CloudLAN more personal & secure.

With CloudLAN v1.1 release, subscribers will now be able to achieve more security & flexibility, can connect to their virtual office/CloudLAN Room from any device that supports OpenVPN Client, with improved Hosts adding experience and many more.

Simply5 CloudLAN Introducing new features and enhancements to make a powerful tool for remote teams.

With our most recent updates, you can:

1. Now connect any device that supports generic OpenVPN Client with improved Host adding experience.*#


2. Get dedicated IP to work faster & secure#


3. New regions - London, Singapore & Los Angeles #


4. Enable 'Auto Connect' to connect instantly on system bootup#


5. Don't want to keep expired paid room anymore? Delete it from your profile#


6. Easy access to TeamVPN IP from Rooms panel.#