Version Updates

Mar 12, 2021#

Simply5 CloudLAN Now Introducing Server Feature in this update.

Since our first launch, many of our subscribers were demanding for a Dedicated IP to their Rooms and we understood the importance of secure connections across platforms. We are sure that this feature will make our customers more secure on cloud room.

With this cloudLAN v1.1.0 release, subscribers will now be able to achieve more security & flexibility in the network & can connect to their virtual office/CloudLAN Room from any device that supports OpenVPN Client, with improved server adding experience and many more.

Application updated to v1.1.0#

Simply5 CloudLAN Introducing new features and enhancements to make a powerful tool for remote with it’s release of v1.1.0.

With our most recent updates, you can:#

1. Now connect to the room using any device that supports OpenVPN Client on it with improved server adding experience.#


2. Get dedicated IP to work faster & secure#


3. Get Dedicated IP address as addon if you are an LTD subscriber.#


4. Create a room with a new server region (LONDON).#


5. Enable Auto Connect on our GUI to connect instantly on app start.#


6. Don't want to keep expired paid room anymore? Delete it from your profile.#


7. View TeamVPN IP on the Rooms panel.#