Guide to install OpenVPN for AsusWrt#

1. Disable IPv6#

  • In order to connect to OVPN - you will first need to disable IPv6.

Only displayed once logged in.

2. Download the configuration file from CloudLAN App#

  • Download the config file from the CloudLAN room - refer this section

3. Start the configuration of the router#

  • Go to the router interface. Under Advanced Settings, select LAN.
  • Choose DHCP Server in the new menu and change DNS Server to

4. Upload configuration file to router#

  • Go to the router interface and choose VPN in the left-hand menu under Advanced settings.
  • Then choose the alternative VPN Client in the menu.
  • Click on Add profile and the tab OpenVPN. Enter the information below
Username*(enter your username for OVPN)
Password*(enter your password for OVPN)
Import .ovpn file*Choose the download configuration and click on Upload
  • Click on OK.

5. Connect to OVPN#

  • Click on Activate for the created profile in order to connect to OVPN.

6. Finished#


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