How to Adopt host running MacOS?

Host Agent is integrated into CloudLAN Desktop clients. Go to & download the MacOS Desktop app.

  • You are the admin of the room
  • You are connected to the Room
  • Have access to the host you are trying to adopt
  • Room has free host license


The below GIF demonstrates how to adopt MacOS machine

  • Install the MacOS Client on Host machine
  • On your personal device, Go to Host tab on CloudLAN app
  • Click on Add host
  • Give it a name, Select Host agent & click Continue
  • Select MacOS from OS dropdown
  • Copy Adoption code from the CloudLAN App
  • On the Host machine's CloudLAN app login screen, click on "Adopt as a Host"
  • Type the Adoption code & click "Adopt"
    (Auth Code will be valid for only 10 minutes, you can regenerate if it expires )
  • Agent will install necessary drivers & connect the machine to CloudLAN room
  • Machine will be seen online from CloudLAN app and now you can add running on Server using add service button

CloudLAN app will automatically bootup one system reboot & connect to the room.


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